Best Hunting Shoes For Wide Feet review

Wide-Footed Hunting Boots: The Best Brands and Styles

Finding hunting boots that fit is hard if you have wide feet.

Wide-footed hunters face a unique set of challenges when finding the right pair of Best hunting boots and shoes.

Most brands only come in one width, meaning those with wide feet often find themselves forced to choose between comfort and performance.

Good news for those who suffer from this problem.

We have created a list of six great pairs of wide-footed hunting boots, so you can spend less time shopping around and more time enjoying your favorite outdoor activities.

Why Do You Need Best Hunting Boots For Wide Feet?

Wide feet are known to be one of the most common foot problems. It can create many issues that may affect your day-to due to pain and discomfort.

A shoe with a broader outlet makes it difficult for you to stand up or walk long distances, but this condition does not need to worsen than what we already know because there are always ways around.

With our advice on how different brands provide comfort no matter where they are worn by providing extra space inside their boots.

So people whose widest point comes near their toes do not have any problem wearing them all day.

Best Hunting Shoes For Wide Feet Table

Best Hunting Shoes For Wide Feet 2022 Reviews

1- LABO Men’s 10″ Winter Snow Hunting Boots

The cold winter is coming. It would help if you had a pair of warm boots to keep your feet dry and comfortable in the snow.

Snow boots are essential shoes for people living in Northern areas, especially men.

However, there are so many different kinds of snow boots on the market that it’s hard to choose one that fits you perfectly.

LABO Men’s 10″ Winter Snow Hunting Boots Shoes Waterproof Insulated 3 Styles is a perfect choice for those who want to have a good time during winter with friends or family members without having cold feet.

Because its waterproof material can prevent water from entering inside and keep your toes warm even if covered by more than 1 inch of snow.

Keep your feet warm and dry with LABO men’s wide feet boots.

These masculine hunting boots will keep you comfortable all year round with their waterproof lining and durable leather construction.

The shaft measures 10″ from arch, which is perfect for taller or more prominent men who need a little more space in the boot.

Order now while supplies last!

Why Should You Buy it?
Waterproof, comfortable, and protective. LABO Men’s 10″ Winter Snow Hunting Boots Shoes will keep you dry in any situation.
  • Made of high-quality materials for durability
  • Waterproof and insulated
  • Durable rubber sole
  • An elastic band around the top
  • It takes some time to break them in
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2- HISEA Women’s Rubber Rain Boots

Wearing uncomfortable and cheap boots is a sure way to ruin your day.

HISEA Women’s Rubber Rain Boots are the answer because they offer comfort, durability, and quality at an affordable price. These multipurpose boots can be worn in any situation, from gardening to hunting.

They are lightweight enough for long walks but sturdy enough to protect you from rough terrain when traversing through woods or fields.

With these rain boots, you will not have to worry about slipping on wet surfaces either.

The rubber outsole has excellent traction so that you can keep your footing even in slippery conditions!

If you want a pair of quality work shoes that will last, then look no further than these wide feet hunting shoes.

You will never again have to deal with blisters or sore feet after wearing these waterproof garden shoes all day long.

Are you looking to hike along the rocky terrain of Finnmark County? These waterproof hunting boots are perfect for any outdoor activity.

They are soft and comfortable enough for hikes yet sturdy sufficient to take on all the challenges that eastern Norway dishes out.

Hisea Women’s Rubber Rain Boots will not let morning light catch you unprepared this year.

A special lining means your feet never get wet, even when you wade through a stream.

And with a rubber exterior and full coverage from soles up to upper shin, these Swedish-quality blue loafers suit any occasion.

Why Should You Buy it?
The waterproof construction will keep your feet dry, even when it rains or snows.

These shoes also feature an insulation lining which keeps them nice and warm on those cold winter days at school while protecting you from icy patches outside of class.

These rubber heels will not slip thanks to their traction capabilities easily, so there is no risk whatsoever that she’ll fall off during cross country practice again today.

  • Comfortable and stylish
  • They have a rubber outsole
  • The boots come in a variety of colors
  • They have a tendency to run large
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3- XPETI Women’s Thermator

Most women do not want to wear bulky, ugly, or uncomfortable-looking hiking boots when they are not on the trail.

The Thermator Mid High Waterproof Boot is the perfect blend of style and function for any woman who wants comfort in her outdoor footwear.

These waterproof boots are designed with an athletic feel, so you can take them from your morning hike straight into work without missing a beat.

These boots will keep your feet warm and dry, even if they’ve been trampled through slush.

The velcro straps give a customizable fit for all of those activities on the list: hiking, snowboarding, skiing.

Are you looking for a good house shoe to wear around the house? No, need.

This boot will take you high up the trail with its heavy-duty treads and rubber outsole. Just do not get them wet.

XPETI Women’s is made with sturdy EVA molded inserts for lightweight support. Even when carrying weight, the MIDSOLE integrated insert will give you a good grip.

It has an integrated inserted TPU ankle support better to reduce weight and shock absorption on rough terrain.

Take your XPETI boots out for your next excursion into the weather mother nature can throw at you without worry.

Why Should You Buy it?
Thanks to its rubberized soles, it has a fantastic grip, which is perfect for hiking or other outdoor activities when you need stability at all costs.
  • It has a padded collar
  • These boots are lightweight
  • They have a reinforced toe cap
  • They provide excellent traction
  • May not be well-designed
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4- TIDEWE Rubber Boots for Men

Rain boots are great for keeping your feet dry, but they are often uncomfortable and challenging to walk in.

They also do not do much good if you step on a dirty surface like mud or snow.

TideWe’s rubber rain boots are the solution.

They keep your feet completely dry during rainy days or when walking through puddles, but they also offer superior traction over wet surfaces.

This means that you can wear our waterproof rain boots while working outside without worrying about slipping on ice.

The men’s multi-season waterproof rubber rain boots provide all of the benefits of traditional rain boots with added traction to prevent slips and falls.

If you want comfortable, functional footwear that will help protect against water damage, then look no further than our rubber rainboots.

They are perfect for any outdoor activity!

TIDEWE gives you the best of both worlds: a super comfortable and flexible design for all-day comfort and an easy-to-install mesh so your feet can breathe.

Finally, find the perfect balance between form and function with these multi-season boots.

Keep that slippery, bumpy you from coming close to wetting your pants or catching a cold with these rain boots.

Designed to keep your feet dry in the winter cold and during summer showers, these Boots for men are perfect when walking through snowdrifts or playing in puddles.

Rubber has been known for its durability and waterproofing properties, which is why our boots have been resistant against fading in sun exposure for up to 4 years.

Add color wherever you go with TideWe’s multi-season rubber boots!

Why Should You Buy it?
These boots come with steel shanks that prevent them from getting stuck in the mud or snow while also made of 6mm neoprene rubber, which makes them durable enough to withstand rugged terrain like rocks, making these an excellent investment.
  • Great for all seasons
  • They have a waterproof design
  • The boots come with a removable inner liner
  • Heavy to wear all day
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5- TIDEWE Rubber Neoprene

You can not stand cold feet when you are outside, but most rain boots are so stiff they feel like you’re walking on stilts.

We all know that we should be wearing waterproof boots in the winter, but most of us do not because we end up with sore and tired feet after a few minutes.

These rubber neoprene boots solve this problem by providing warmth and comfort while still letting your toes move around freely to keep them from getting numb.

The 6mm CR Flex-Foam absorbs impacts and retains heat & flexes with your feet as you walk without compromising form or function (or style!).

Plus, these men’s and women’s waterproof rubber shoes come in various colors to match any outfit.

It does not matter if it is raining or snowing out there,  strap on these comfortable water shoes for protection against the elements no matter what the weather throws at you.

For those looking for a cute pair of water-resistant shoes, then the perfect choice is with this Neoprene Boot. The company knows what you want, and they are not going to let you down.

These boots feature waterproof rubber soles, meaning your feet will stay dry even in puddles or after snow melts.

You will never have to worry about frozen toes again!

Pair these with your favorite jeans or leggings and strut around town, knowing that no matter what weather mother nature puts up against us, we have got it covered.

They also sport foam insulation which keeps the warmth inside so your toes do not get too cold during those brutal winter days.

Why Should You Buy it?
These highly functional waterproof boots come in different sizes to fit any foot. They are perfect for hunting or general outdoor activities like fishing on wet days.
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • The boots are lightweight and comfortable
  • Provide traction
  • They are not the most attractive footwear
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6- Muck Boot Excursion Pro

The Muck Boot Excursion Pro Mid-Height Men’s Rubber Boots are our most popular boot because they can be worn with any outfit and provide unmatched comfort and support.

These boots are 100% waterproof and breathable to prevent your feet from getting too hot while wearing them all day long.

They have an easy pull handle that makes it simple to get these off when you need to take them off quickly.

This is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a stylish yet functional winter boot.

The Muck Boot Excursion Pro Mid-Height Men’s Rubber Boots are explicitly designed with hunters in mind because of their lightweight construction, durability, and traction on different surfaces.

Whether you spend your days tracking game through the woods or hunting ducks out on the lake, this is one pair of boots that will last you seasons.

Built for all-day comfort and protection, this Muck Boot shows off a 5mm neoprene front. This ensures that you will stay comfortable and dry with distinctive foot form to resist blisters and chafing.

You feel that raw winter chill in the air every time you step outside, but do not let that get in your way of a great day.

Put on a pair of Muck Boots and reign supreme with all the traction and protection you need.

With advanced rubber quality over fabric insulation design, these top-notch boots are perfect for those outdoor challenges you have been missing out on.

Why Should You Buy it?
With waterproof, breathable materials and robust construction, these ruggedized rubber boots will withstand whatever you throw at them on your next adventure.
  • Made to keep your feet warm and dry
  • They have a rubber sole
  • They have a rubber sole
  • They come with an adjustable strap
  • They are heavy compared to other types of boots
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Buying Guide

Know your size

When you have a wide foot, it cannot be easy to find the perfect hunting shoe.

To help narrow that search and make sure your feet are happy from day one with their new footwear purchase, here is some information about what size is best for men who wear ladies’ shoes.

The widest point on the instep should measure between 200-225 mm.

Thigh Width Variance ( TWV ) must not exceed 25%. Remembering these two numbers will ensure the broadest possible comfort during long walks in deep woods.

Type of terrain

The type of terrain can alter the fit and function of your hunting shoes.

A shoe’s sole is what allows it to grip while walking, running, or even climbing over different surfaces in pursuit of the game.

A single pair may not be the right choice if you have wide feet because each style has something specifically designed, with certain types being better suited than others, depending on their intended use.

Know your width

It can be challenging to find the right pair of hunting shoes for you if your feet are wide.

Take a moment and make sure that all potential teams fit comfortably to not only comfort but also prevent blisters from occurring while walking around outside during long hunts.

Wide widths need different considerations when purchasing footwear than those with typical measurements.

So it is essential not just look at this aspect without considering other qualities such as how well they function or what kind of material is used on their soles.


The hunting shoe should have a wide toe box and extra rubber on the front of it to make sure your foot is stable.

Filled with air, most people forget about their feet when they are out doing things like walking or running around.

But this can pose problems for those who wear shoes with low-tops because there is not much room inside them especially if you go hiking in these types too.

So I recommend getting some decent boots that will keep all 6eE+2s safe from serious injury.

Wrapping Up!

With the cold weather just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about what boots you’re going to wear for your next hunting season.

The best way to find a boot that will be comfortable and last is by considering how wide your feet are before making any purchase decisions.

We have provided 6 of our favorite hunting boots in this blog post with different features, so check them out if you need some inspiration.

If none of these options work well for you or do not fit properly, let us know!

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