How to clean hunting boots

Rough And Rugged: Cleaning Hunting Boots

Cleaning hunting boots are a necessary part of the hunt. If you do not know how to properly clean your hunting boots, then you risk getting dirt and mud in them again before they can dry out.

This will only make it harder to clean them the next time. That is why we are going to show you some tips for how to clean your hunting boots. So that you have a good excuse not to do any more work when everyone else gets back from their hunt.

In this post, we will show you some easy ways for cleaning your muddy and dirty hunting boots after a day on the trails or forest floor. We will discuss what supplies are needed, as well as which methods are best used for different types of terrain.

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How To Clean Hunting Boots?

How to clean hunting boots

A quick cleaning after each hunt is necessary for anyone who values their hunting boots. A good wash with a mild detergent and cold water will get rid of any dirt.

Or blood that may have accumulated on the boot, giving it back its classic shine. The treated leather should be allowed to dry without touching anything before storing them away in an airtight container until your next outing occurs.

Things To Be Required

The following are the things you will require for the cleaning process;

Cleaning Hunting Boots


In order to keep your boots clean and fresh, you will need water.

While hunting in the forest with only a few provisions for sustenance, it is important that each hunter maintains their gear properly so as not to attract any unwanted attention from predators or prey alike.


You will need soap to clean and wash the hunting boots.

In order to keep your hunting boots looking their best, you will want a mild soap that is safe for both materials of the boot – leather or synthetic.

Cleaning Cloth Or A Duster


It is important to clean and wash your hunting boots with a mild cleaning cloth or duster.

The dirt from the ground can soak through leather, which will cause it to dry out prematurely, become brittle, and harden into cracks on its surface. Basically, turn your boot into something resembling an old lady’s dried-up handbag.

Bristled Brush

To keep your hunting boots in tip-top shape, you’ll need a good nylon bristle brush.

Nylon bristles are the best way to scrub away dirt and grime from deep within the treads of any boot.

Leather Treatment

The smell of hiking boots and the dirt that covers them is a powerful marker for past travels, but it does not need to be on your clothes or in your home.

Leather treatments will clean up any stains while protecting against future spills.

Your hunting boots are only as good as their conditions so make sure you treat them right after every trip out into nature with some leather cleaner.

Follow the guide to proceed with the cleaning process;

Step 1: To start with, you need to clean your boots. For this process, all it takes is a nylon-bristled brush and some elbow grease.

Step 2: After that, prepare the soap and water to make sure our hands get nice and clean. You will need enough soapy liquid for both of us along with something we can use as a scrubbing tool.

Step 3: Use the duster and get in all those hard-to-reach places so that they are as pristine as when you first got them.

Step 4: After wiping, you should place the boots in a cool and dry area so they can air out after being worn.

Step 5: You can extend the life of your boots with a waterproof leather treatment. This will help them withstand heavy-moisture weather conditions and last longer overall.

Step 6: When it comes to boots, there’s a lot that goes into keeping them in good shape. You have three options:

  • You can waterproof your boot with an oil and wax mixture
  • Use leather dressing on the whole thing as well as shining up any scuffs
  • For some serious damage protection, put shoe polish over all of these steps

The first step is easy! After buying new footwear, they set out to maintain their usefulness by doing this one simple task.

How To Clean Leather Hunting Boots?

How To Clean Leather Hunting Boots?

You will need to get your hands dirty in order to clean the shoes. Start by using a damp cloth and then move on with gentle strokes from a soft, nylon brush. Just like you would for cleaning your bathroom tiles.

Make sure to get all the dirt out with an old toothbrush. The thin bristles will move around in those little crevices and reach places that a cloth can’t go.

It is time to remove the footbed inserts.

This might sound like a no-brainer, but there is an art and science behind removing them with ease.

That you need to be aware of if your goal is never just good-looking boots on display in front of your fireplace. It is about having great fitting shoes for winter weather.

If your suede boots are looking a little worse for wear, try these simple steps to make them look brand new.  First, use the brush and soapy water to clean up any loose dirt on the surface of the shoe.

Next, dip a small feather duster in some warm soapy water then run it through each boot from top-to-bottom.

This will remove all that annoying debris left behind by day-old snow or rain. Finish with an application of a leather conditioner that has been applied over every inch. Before you store them away until next winter comes around again.

The first thing you need to do is take off your boots and place them on the floor of a room with ventilation. Leave them for at least 6 hours or until they are dry enough.

That there is no more moisture dripping from the soles onto any surface below.

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How To Clean Non-Leather Hunting Boots?

How To Clean Non-Leather Hunting Boots?

Rubber hunting boots are perfect for those who do not want to worry about the drying material or water. Not only is it easy to clean up, but you won’t leave any scents behind.

The first step in cleaning your boots is to rinse them. One of the best ways to do this outside is with a hose.

But if you prefer indoors I recommend using warm water from the faucet and scrubbing any dirt or mud off until it all comes out clean.

One of the best ways to keep boots smelling fresh is by scrubbing baking soda and water over them.

Use a nylon brush, as this will work more easily on tougher textures than steel wool would.

The salt in baking soda acts as an abrasive for tough spots that need exfoliating.

While also removing any unwanted odors left behind from previous use. Clean off all the gunk and rinse your boots to ensure that any baking soda residue is removed. Give them a quick rub with a dry cloth for some instant shine. And pour just enough of this miracle cleaner into each boot, and you’ll be on your way in no time.

Make It A Routine!

Nothing smells worse than a pair of hunting boots that have not been cleaned. They are having an awful effect on the hunter’s social life and can even damage relationships with their loved ones.

So hunters should make it part of their routine to clean these items after every trip out in the field.

Hunters will want to be sure they take care when cleaning these important pieces of gear as well as getting them dry before storing them for long periods.

Otherwise, mold may start forming which would then cause more problems later down the line.

Hunting boots are always dirty. They collect the dirt and mud from forest floors, but luckily they can be easily cleaned with a stiff brush. Hunting is an outdoor sport that explores nature in its raw form. Boots accumulate grime after kicking up dust as you walk through forests and fields to get closer to your prey. So make cleaning their part of your routine before heading back home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your go-to method for deep cleaning hunting boots?

If you are looking for an easy way to deep clean hunting boots, try using a damp cloth or sponge. Most hunters find that this method is not only easier and more convenient than some of the other cleaning methods but also helps ensure your boots are thoroughly cleaned without leaving any residue behind.

Are there specialty products or methods that work better than others for a particular type of dirt/oil on your boots?

There are countless ways to keep your boots looking their best. Some will definitely work better than others depending on what kind of grime they are covered in and who owns them. There is no need to worry though because after all even leather needs cleaning every once in a while.

What are the best types of materials to clean your hunting boots?

Boots are one of the most important pieces of gear you’ll use in your hunting season. The best way to ensure they are clean is using a special detergent. That can withstand extreme conditions, like water and dirt-caked deep into crevices.

How often should my hunting boots be cleaned?

The hunting boots are made of leather, which can hold on to dirt and water. The longer the boots have been worn, the more that material has collected in them.

Where is an ideal place to store my hunting boots when they are not in use?

If hunting outdoors, try not to leave your shoes outside as this can cause damage from elements. Such as pollen or pests like termites coming into contact with the leather material. Consider finding an enclosed area within a garage or basement if possible instead so animals don’t get access either.

Wrapping Up!

We hope that these tips have been helpful for you and your hunting boots. Cleaning up after a day of hard work is never easy, but it is worth the effort. If you want to learn more about how we can help with other aspects of your farm.


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