Shrink Your Cowboy Boots: How to Make Them More Comfortable

We all know that cowboy boots are the best, but they are also really big.

Cowboy boots can be hard to fit into your suitcase for a trip to Europe or Asia.

They take up too much room in your closet and you do not want them taking space on top of your dresser either.

These cow booties solve the problem by shrinking the size of any pair of cowboy boots. Just put them over your feet and walk around like normal and watch as these shrink-to-fit boot covers reduce their size by 50%.

The secret is using a unique combination of heat-activated material, so when you wear them outside they will slowly start to shrink down until they fit perfectly inside whatever bag or box you need for travel.

It is just like magic!

How To Shrink Cowboy Boots?


The following are the easy steps you need to follow in order to make your cowboy shrink;

Step 1: Put your cowboy boots in the freezer for approximately 24 hours.

Step 2: Put them in a pot of hot water, and let it boil for 10-15 minutes

Step 3: Take out the boots when they are soft enough to fit into again

Step 4: Let the boots dry overnight before wearing them again

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What If The Method Does Not Work?

The following are some of the things that you can apply if non of the method works;

Cushion insole

 Shrink your Cowboy boots by using a cushioned insole.

Moldcushions are a popular addition to today’s walking shoe and athletic lifestyle, and they are designed primarily for those who have wide feet or extra space inside their footwear due to orthotics.

When you purchase new shoes with more robust soles than what came stock on yours before this procedure was done.

We recommend getting molding plates because that is where most people will want theirs placed and right up against one another at the first position.


Cotton Balls

If you are looking for the easiest way to shrink your cowboy boots, then use cotton balls.

Sprinkle some on and let it sit. After twenty minutes of waiting patiently with bated breath, they will be as small as can be ready for when we leave tomorrow morning.

No need to trip over your feet with a cheap pair of uncomfortable shrinkers. Shrink cotton balls and use them as a substitute for the expensive, heavy-duty ones.


Heel Grip

Position your foot so that the ball of one foot is against a wall and positioned in front. Next, sit on this heel while extending out through each leg as if you are sitting at an invisible bar with someone holding onto both hands for support along its length.


With arms straight down by sides or away from the body slightly bend knees backward until reaching full extension then push off the floor like running upstairs.


Use Thick Socks

It is the perfect time to wear your favorite pair of men’s boots. Just make sure you take care not only with what goes on outside but also inside.


Wearing thicker socks or two pairs will help reduce swelling at least in this area so that when we wake up tomorrow everything is back where it belongs and our cowboy style shines bright again.


Ball of Foot Cushion

A foot cushion can be used to help you shrink your cowboy boots. Place the ball of it between your big toes and push up, stretching out all ten inches.

The best way for shrinking large sizes is by using this little cylinder-shaped object that is just sitting around waiting its turn in life when we need one thing from another person, usually their money or time but not always.

To make these work as magic wands against expanding footwear like jeans which have no business being tight at first glance anyway because they will be stretched beyond recognition soon after wearing them even once so what are ya gonna do?

You could try buying some shoe stretchers if those things do not work out!

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you are not sure if it is worth getting the smaller size, buy one new pair of boots rather than two pairs of different sizes.


The cost may seem more expensive in this case, but with quality materials and craftsmanship, these shoes should last for years so that they will be well worth their price tag.

 Frye and Chippewa are the most popular brands for tall boots that had helped shrink them when they were too big. I also like the OluKai brand, which is made by an innovative designer who understands the needs of people with disabilities.

 The inside of your cowboy boots can get dirty and filled with bacteria. To keep it clean, you will need to scrub them on occasion or rub the insides down with a damp cloth once in a while.

If you are looking for something more durable than soap and water during these tough cleaning sessions, then try using saddle soap instead.

There are many ways to remove the heel, but one of my favorites is using a hemostat. To do this, you will need access and protection for your finger, as well as some solid tweezers or dental picks that can grip plastic pieces tightly because they're so small in size.


Wrapping Up!

We have gone over a few tips to help you shrink your cowboy boots by hand.

Whether you have an old pair of boots too big or want to ensure they fit better, these tricks can be used at home without any special tools.

For more advice on how to get the perfect size boot for your feet, comment down!


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